Love Jordan (UK 1987 - )


Since first showing with Woolff Gallery in Miami 2016, this hardworking, collaborative art duo have achieved enourmous success at both art fairs and in the Woolff Gallery group shows.
Their latest body of work demonstrates the broadness within their practice, and offers up some surprising creative and humerous elements, in their distinctive style.
The selection of artworks presented at Context Art Miami are from both LoveJordan’s ‘Writers Block’ series where the artworks
illustrate tall shelving units filled with books, scrolls, filled box's, envelopes, paper stacks, files and all other manner of objects all
waiting for inspiration and ideas, & the Elephants breath series which is an entertaining series based around paint colours, names
and repetition:
“Writers Block can strike at any time rendering all ideas blank and unclear. The Writers Block Library takes all those blanks and stores them, waiting to be filled”. JOHNNY LOVE

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Work Selection

Love Jordan - Bottles Behaving Badly

Bottles Behaving Badly