Eduardo Marco (Porto Alegre, Brazil 1970 - )


Eduardo Marco studies in Click Studios in London, one of the most prestigious photographic centers, and assists, among others, Albert Watson, Annie Leibovitz, Michael Thompson and Nick Knight.

After this learning, he directs his career towards fashion photography and makes major campaigns for magazines such as Big Magazine, ELLE and Vogue, and also reports in the newspapers El Mundo, Le Monde and El País. This experience involves "a great school for photographer, where he learns to control and treat perfectly light, composition, harmony and beauty. I've always thought that if you send a fashion photographer to war will come with a much richer work visually what would a reporter, who are more interested in the transmission of news. "

Following the publication in Brazil of his first photographic book A Maior Praia do Mundo, begins to develop his artistic side, exhibiting his work at La Casona city of Panama and making new series in Tokyo, Cairo or Laos .

In 2009 he moved to Madrid where he has finally taken residence; there exhibited in various galleries in Spain as Ansorena in Madrid and Zielinski Gallery in Barcelona.

Eduardo Marco has participated in numerous group exhibitions, among which the one held in 2012 at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva. Without neglecting its most committed face or its American roots, he has exposed with photographers of the stature of Sebastião Salgado and Alberto García-Alix in the exhibition Group Show Fundation Watu Indigenous Action in 2010, in the XI Sample documentaries and photography of America America in 2011 and participated in the 2013 and 2015 editions of the auction organized by Christie's to benefit the Balia Foundation in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

In 2015 he has made an artist residency in New Delhi, resulting in the Color Field and The Painted World series that will show in the 2016 edition of ARCO. His work is represented in major collections in Spain, France and the UK.

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Eduardo Marco - Amazonas, 2009

Amazonas, 2009

Eduardo Marco - Amazonas, 2009

Amazonas, 2009