Yutaka Mori  (Tokyo, Japan 1986 - )


Yutaka Mori is a young Japanese artist who has had a successful career in a few years.
In the beginning, he starts doing a research on different mediums such as paper, wood or canvas until he immerses himself in creating unique pieces in which, you’re firstly attracted by plastic beauty,
but where the artist creates something much more complex converging architecture, painting, sculpture and mathematics.
Even though showing his work meant for him total nakedness, Gema Llamazares Gallery convinces him in 2014 to present his pieces to JUSTMAD5 Art Fair’s proposal.
From that moment on, his success is so overwhelming that his career takes off in a meteoric manner, including his name among important exhibitions, international art fairs and becoming part of renowned
public and private collections.

Work Selection

Yutaka   Mori  - N/A