Laura Beth Konopinski ( 1988 - )


Throughout her artistic career, Laura Beth Konopinski has kept her material concentration primarily with glass, although uses other mediums including photography and metal. She has taught and worked in facilities such as the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Penland School of Crafts and the Corning Museum of Glass, which has allowed her to explore many methods of the glass making processes. Though to satiate her desire to be outdoors, she has held various environmental conservation positions in conjunction with pursuing her artistic endeavors.

Arising from her passion and labors with environmental conservation, Laura Beth repurposes used materials and integrates carefully preserved organic compounds into sculpted layers of glass. She uses transparent glass as a lens for distortion to emphasize the ambiguous nature of human emotion. Laura Beth facilitates the idea of comparing reason and sentiment by combining figurative imagery with biological materials. To keep her mind flowing, she continually questions human rationale in relation to the evolution and adaptations of all things.

Work Selection

Laura Beth Konopinski - Hang Purge

Hang Purge

Laura Beth Konopinski - Between her walls the rubble exposed

Between her walls the rubble exposed

Laura Beth Konopinski - Shadows of Deep

Shadows of Deep