Lei Xie (Anhui, China 1983 - )


Xie Lei was born in 1983 in Anhui Province and now works and lives in Paris His work is shown regularly with the Galerie Anne de Villepoix and now in Vancouver BC at Z Gallery Arts. Xie Lei had a solo show at the Galerie Charlotte Moser in Geneva in 2012, two in 2011 and 2013 at Feasts Projects in Hong Kong and one in 2012 at the Foundation Yishu 8 in Beijing. The Marlborough Gallery showed his work in New York in 2008. French public institutions organized solo shows of his work at Château d’Ardelay in Herbiers (2014), Les Rencontres d’Art Contemporain in Cahors (2014), the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2016). In 2010 he participated in a group show at the Foundation Ricard and, in 2012, at the Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans. His works are now part of private collections in Europe (particularly in France) and in China.

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 Lei  Xie - Untitled 2,  2017

Untitled 2, 2017

 Lei  Xie - Untitled 3, 2017

Untitled 3, 2017

 Lei  Xie - Untitield 4, 2017

Untitield 4, 2017