Jasmine Wallace (Prince George, Canada 1978 - )


Jasmine Wallace was born in Prince George, BC; she comes from a family of self-taught artists and grew up surrounded by the artist community on Vancouver Island. She has a diverse studio practice which includes painting, sculpture and ceramics. Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota.
Wallace’s work has been inspired by her continued interest in the built environment, constructs of space, real or imagined and the processes of construction and deconstruction of urban centres. Her work evokes the sense of history and time that is evident in the drawing and re-drawing of a floor plan and the progression of acts in the building, construction and deconstruction of cities. Interested in the creation of structures through the repetitive layering of paint with the use of tape, the work becomes an act of building in itself. Through the use of wood grinders to expose the hidden layers beneath; the painting then becomes the site of an excavation as it is deconstructed. The finished highly textured surfaces possess their own sense of depth. Drawn to the idea of labor and its ability to show time she allows the processes by which the work is made to show through. This serves as a metaphor for the growing networks of cities that are built and unbuilt every day with their resulting residual effects.

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