Spanish artist and curator from Spain. Her academic and professional training was in Ancient History and Archaeology. She has worked as an Art History Professor, later, she changed, professionally speaking, in the Art World. She lives and works in Spain. Represented by STOA Gallery since 2006. She has made numerous solo exhibitions, and has also exhibited in many international art fairs such as Art New York (USA), Context Miami (USA), Scope Miami (USA), Scope Basel (Switzerland), LA Art Show (USA), KIAF (Seoul, South Korea), Art on paper New York (USA), Art Marbella (Spain), Art Zurich (Switzerland).

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CONCHI ALVAREZ - Plaza Mayor/Main Square (Valladolid)

Plaza Mayor/Main Square (Valladolid)

CONCHI ALVAREZ - Calle Beatas/Beatas Street (Malaga)

Calle Beatas/Beatas Street (Malaga)