Lorenzo Cascio (Sicily 1940 - )


Lorenzo Cascio, sculptor and painter, was born in Sicily in 1940, but now lives and works in Portofino. He started as a ceramist and opened a school in Sciacca, his home town, which taught the lost ancient tradition of the ceramic art. Lorenzo Cascio constantly exhibits in many galleries around the world, and his works are in museums, artistic collections, religious and public buildings. He worked from 2012 to 2014 to the realization of the new church dedicated to St. Sebastian and to the Virgin Mary in Sciacca. Here he sculpted four bronze doors in bas relief, the big glass windows and three large paintings for the altars. His inspiration, which is a theme in his artworks, are the myths of antiquity both Greek and Christian. He takes them and repurposes them for modern sensibilities, as well as the contemporary world. His bronzes employ the ancient lost wax technique and abandon the smooth shapes, conserving all the spontaneity of the artist’s hand and they catch the light, which makes them vibrate. Horses dominate the themes of his sculptural works. For his painting however, he finds inspiration in the contemporary world of fashion. In these works he expresses himself through the innovative and original technique of oil and collage as well as a wise use of colour and signs.
He said “Today artists want to shock people, so as to attract the public's and critic's attention. I don't belong to this group, as in my opinion, art should be a free enterprise in which one has the right to find their own form of expression, based on their various experiments: it's one thing to invite scandal, another in a research of worthwhile pictorial illustrations, of artistic value.”

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