Estefanía Martín Sáenz (Bilbao, Spain 1982 - )


Estefanía Martín Sáenz is an artist with a short but intense trajectory, she has been awarded for her work Las Ausentes in the first edition of DKV-MAKMA (2015) Prize of Drawing, exhibited in Carmen Center of Valencia.
This year she has been the winner of the 1st Emerging Art Award Foundation Millenium BCP of Portugal with a triptych titled Mala hierba.
She was one of the artist selected for the Paper Work drawing exhibition in Beijing Today Museum, curated by Mónica Álvarez Careaga
Since some years ago, Estefanía is represented by Gema Llamazares Gallery, where she presented her first solo exhibition, named 1-600’ en el año 2016 curared by Semíramis González, the common threat of this exhibition was to give an image to Emily Dickinson poems.

Work Selection

 Estefanía Martín Sáenz - Las casadas

Las casadas