Ivan Black


Ivan Black is an award winning British sculptor, born in London in 1972. He began making sculptures at an early age, motion quickly becoming central to his work; adding another dimension of complexity and interest to his experiments. He spent his early working life acquiring multidisciplinary skills in the pursuit of the means to realise his ideas. Ivan’s sculptures use his own unique methodology to create forms that mutate upon the introduction of energy. The repetition of identical elements is a recurrent theme in his work, by this means he builds complex fluid structures. Each piece is a section of a potentially continuous sequence, generated by the application of systematic rules to his geometry. Ivan takes inspiration for his designs from iconic natural geometry, combining mathematical concepts and the pioneering spirit of British engineering to create a synergy between Science, Art and Technology. His meticulously engineered and seamlessly integrated mechanisms are central to the behaviour and appeal of his work. Tending towards the minimalist in design, the movement is allowed to take centre stage.

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