Flore Flore (United States - )


With studio space in Miami and New York, Flore has an outreach that spans globally. His Urban Cubism works have featured in three sold out shows this year in France, Japan and Los Angeles.
Flore was one of Hublot's featured artist in 2016 and famously painted the runway for the Tommy x Gigi NYFW show in Venice. Flore’s work also sits in the permanent collection of the Nakamura Keith Haring Museum.
Intentionally choosing words that leave room for multiple interpretations, Flore creates space for his viewers to develop their own narratives alongside evoking introspective emotive moments. While exploring those motifs, he platforms his deep influence from the late Keith Haring through graphic and text-heavy pieces that interpret the myriad experiences and nuances of the world.
‘Something Modern’ is Flore’s most recent body of work inspired by the artists love of mid century modern design and a deconstruction of the artists urban cubism series
The series expresses pure thought in gesture and color and texture opposed to the words, faces and structure of the urban series. It is a freedom influenced heavy by De Kooning, CY Twombly & Jean Michael Basquiat.

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 Flore Flore - Looking Back Never Felt So Good

Looking Back Never Felt So Good