Josè Molina ( - 07/1965)


José Molina was born in Madrid in July 1965. He lives now in Gravedona, Lake Como. At the age of 11 he started his artistic training in several art schools, but his first impulse for painting was already apparent since he was four. Aged eighteen, while pursuing his studies at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid, he started to work in advertising. At thirty-five he decides to return to his roots and devote himself to painting.
His first exhibition, dating back to 2004, was held at Galleria Rubin in Milan where he put on show his first series “Morir para Vivir”. This pictorial production is marked by a deep introspective and psychological research. Between 2005 and 2007 he completed his second collection “Predatores”, in which his analysis focuses on the relationship between man and society. The collection enjoyed a rich exhibiting season, including a personal show at Milan’s Museo della Scienza curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. Other personal shows were held at Fondazione Mudima, at the galleries Ca’ di Fra and Mc2, and at Galleria Romberg in Rome. In 2010, following three years of black & white, Molina completed the collection “Cosas Humanas”, twelve big-sized oil paintings on board that went on show at Fondazione Mudima. In 2011 he started to work simultaneously at two different collections “Los Olvidados” (The Forgotten) and “AnimaDonna”, which greatly differ from one another: in the former the artist goes back to the grease pencil with a series of 14 works that, in terms of iconography, are similar to Predatores, while the latter greatly differs from the apocalyptic and grotesque universe inhabited above all by male characters. Here the artist seems to be looking for a sort of redemption and finds it in the female soul and in the female side that dwells in each one of us. The project, consisting of approximately 100 works, is a sort of “tale” divided into eighteen chapters going from maternity to the symbiotic relationship between women and nature, from eroticism to Pablo Neruda’s love poems. The year 2013 was marked by a string of personal and collective exhibitions at Fondazione Luciana Matalon in Milan, Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Spazio Oberdan and Triennale in Milan. His first anthological exhibition was held at Real Academia de España in Rome. The artist is currently working on a number of projects that are still under way: in Beloved Earth and Sins and Virtues, he makes use of the grease pencil as well as the oil painting techniques, thus creating a contrast between a structured, metaphysical and timeless universe and a more watery and flowing one. Molina has recently inaugurated a series on the theme of the sacred with a representation of Christ in two big-sized, oil on board works (240 x 200). His serigraphies production is also very vast and varied, among which his famed collection “Sentimentos”, whose homonymous book was published by Logos in 2011. Over the last few years the artist has been present on the international scene, both European and Asian, with a series of personal shows and art-fairs.

Work Selection

 Josè Molina - MADRE MORTA


 Josè Molina - Lucy, Arcangel I

Lucy, Arcangel I

 Josè Molina - How long does it take to start a god

How long does it take to start a god

 Josè Molina - Did you never see that sweet creature in the dark - Did you never see love where you least expected it

Did you never see that sweet creature in the dark - Did you never see love where you least expected it