Youngok Park (Korea - )


Youngok Park graduated from Ewha Woman’s University and later, Kaywon University of Art & Design. Park has always been interested in the idea of the familiar, the personal and the home when it comes to exploring her own identity. Working with images that evoke memories of childhood, Park plays with the idea of time, striving to express the warped nature of recalling a moment shaded with years of recollection. Like an old photograph yellowed and crumbled with age, the subject which is just barely visible through the fade; the work captures an essence of antiquity. Manipulating paint until it renders in almost a sculptural context, each piece has a tactility that is immediately apparent to the viewer. Park works in a repetitive, cyclical nature, scraping paint off just to slick more onto the mottled surface. Through this routine, each painting slowly comes to life, depicting animals, pots, loved ones, all pulled from the depths of Park’s emotional foundation. With the idea of the recreation of the relic: new paint holding old secrets, the work evokes a time that is both past and present, a place where the identity can grow and thrive.

Work Selection