Born of the anxiety of an all mapped out and inevitable life, the work of Tito-Mulk reinvents a fantastically wealthy world " bédéiesque " in the new esthetics. Of the contrast the most blatant black / white emerges an opposition to yokes which oppress, like a fit of bad temper against the big contemporary pains. In this total commitment Tito and Mulk " cadavrent-exquisent " in a perfect symbiosis.
They find their plastic vocabulary in the imagination of their childhood and their desires. The universe of the Super-heroes and the métamorphes monsters mixing sex, drug and 100% organic in a chaotic characteristic destabilizing antagonism of our society, empty of marks.

La densité du graphisme accentue cette jungle hystérique. Toutefois l’harmonie et le savoir-faire des différents plans et perspectives dévoilent la véritable intention des artistes : trouver un ordre, se frayer une voie dans cet imbroglio.
The density of the graphics stresses this hysteric jungle. However the harmony and the know-how of the various plans and perspectives reveal the real intention of the artists: find an order, clear itself a way in this imbroglio.
If the Narrative Representation from 1964 through Edouardo Arroyo announces " the program is to participate totally in the reality. That is accuse, denounce, crying out and not avoiding the taboo subjects such as the sexuality or the politics", today the societal situation is aggravated. It is necessary to break the deadlock, to go out of the color to refocus, not scatter and cut to adopt a chosen, matured way.
To denounce is not sufficient any more, closer to concerns of their time Tito and Mulk look for a road, open a way

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