Roberta Coni


Roberta Coni was born in Marino (Rome) in 1976. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1999. She pursued her studies abroad with two grants in Spain and the United States.
Roberta Coni has received numerous awards abroad, notably in England, Turkey and China.

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Work Selection

 Roberta Coni - "Mathilde with Primavera" II

"Mathilde with Primavera" II

 Roberta Coni - "Isa with Red Turban", 2018

"Isa with Red Turban", 2018

 Roberta Coni - "Diletta XXVIII", 2018

"Diletta XXVIII", 2018

 Roberta Coni - "Isabella VII", 2018

"Isabella VII", 2018