Martin Rondeau


Martin Rondeau was born in 1970 in Joliette, Quebec, and currently lives and works in Montreal. From an early age, Martin Rondeau became fascinated with the world of photography. Recognized for his unique vision and creativity, he trained with a number of great photographers who provided him with the opportunity to travel the world and find his vocation.

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Martin Rondeau - "Anna", 2018

"Anna", 2018

Martin Rondeau - "Rose", 2018

"Rose", 2018

Martin Rondeau - "Geisha (Gee-Sha) Girl 1", 2018

"Geisha (Gee-Sha) Girl 1", 2018

Martin Rondeau - "Geisha (Geesha) Girl 2-Lips", 2018

"Geisha (Geesha) Girl 2-Lips", 2018