Giorgio Conta  (Monclassico 1978 - )


As the son of a well-known artist, Giorgio Conta grew up surrounded by personalities from world of art and culture, including the great pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, a close friend of the family and Conta's godfather. Conta graduated from the Linguistics High School, and afterwards studied sculpture, painting, and drawing.

His travel through Italy and abroad has given him a solid cultural education and training, and Conta works both as a sculptor and a painter, combining the profane and the sacred in his art. His participation in the Master Program for liturgical adaptation and design for buildings of worship in Trento in 2006 gave him the opportunity to learn more about the theme of the sacred, and he often collaborates with his father to create monumental works.

He has held a number of solo and group art exhibitions, and met Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 and presented him the with a sketch his "Monument to Life" sculpture for the Italian sanctuary of Pietralba (Bolzano).

One of Conta's pieces, presented by Philippe Daverio, was auctioned at Christie's, and he has been mentioned in print by Enzo Bianchi, Massimiliano Castellani, Pupi Avati, Valerio Dehò, Renzo Francescotti, Luigi Marsiglia, and Paolo Levi.

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