CONTEXT Video is an energetic curated program for video art, experimental lm and moving image works by artists represented by 2018 exhibitors. The program will present a contemporary view on the medium, and will be presented within the main oor of the fair.

Les Joynes (US)
Born, Southern California. Lives and Works in New York

FormLAB-China was created in 2017 for exhibition at Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing.  Filmed on remote sections of the Great Wall in northeastern China FormLAB presents a series of US-Chinese performances that explore the Wall as a stage and borderland  for site-specific experimentation including: Globe/Balance (00.30), Game (Two on One on Two) (1 min), and Shifting 0.00000000103279% of the Great Wall (2 min 29 sec). Courtesy of the artist. 2017-2018 © FormLAB. All rights Reserved.


For more information visit 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel at stand C218

Ronen Sharabani (Israel)
Born in Israel 1974, Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

The work Chair 4785 (2016), is part of a body of works dealing with the individual’s place in society, identifying ones’ class and discovering inspiration. The chairs acts as a metaphor for the variety of options, the multiple decisions a person is compelled to make; a multiplicity which is paralyzing thus the individual does not reach his destination nor does he reach a choice.


For more information visit Contempop Gallery at stand C228

Ange Leccia (France)
Born, Minerbio Corsica. Lives and Works in Paris

La MerThis moving image work by French video pioneer Ange Leccia captures the viewer in a bird's-eye view above a Corsican beach. Originally filmed in 1991 and manifesting concepts of time and space through the silent, but ever crashing waves of the ocean, it has now become his most acclaimed work of art. The absence of sound captivates the spectator and leaves us to concede ourselves to nature’s spectacle. As Leccia returns to the same viewpoint over the years, using new technology to stimulate contemporary resolution standards, he reinvents and adapts La Mer to each exhibition display.


For more information visit Liquid art system at stand C211/C223