Seung Taik Jang

(South Korea 1959 -)


Jang Seung Taik has been continuously exploring different materials. Featuring industrial materials such as aluminum frames, tempered glass and polyester films in his paintings. He focuses on creating colors that react with light within the frame of painting. He intends to show how light and color, which are the basic elements of painting, are expressed through various materials. His art is called 'transpainting' as it is 'transparent' in the sense that glass is featured in his works and is methodologically 'translating' the form of painting with a combination of art pieces. As each person's life is created by the series of every moment, Jang expresses every different thoughts and sense with various colors. . In a broader sense, the term also highlights the fact that his art is a new version of painting that goes beyond traditional painting mainly involving brushes and canvases.


1986 BFA Hongik University, Painting Seoul, Korea
1989 EnsAD, Painting, Paris, France

2001 Gallery YEH, Seoul
2019 Song Art Gallery, Seoul
2016 Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Seoul
Date Gallery, Busan, Korea
2013 P&G Gallery, Daegu, Korea
2012 Gallery Skape, Seoul
2010 Gallery Date, Busan, Korea
Gallery Art Park, Seoul
2008 Gallery Bundo, Daegu, korea
Gaain Gallery, Seoul
2003 Gallery Ihn, Seoul
2002 Korea Art Gallery, Busan, Korea
2001 Gallery YEH, Seoul
1999 C,A,I,S Gallery, Seoul

2021 UTOPIA: NOW HERE, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea
Art Project CO, Seoul, Korea
2020 Galleries art fair, COEX, Seoul
Transcending Colors, Lee Bae Gallery, Busan, Korea
Art Busan, Viewing Room
KIAF, Viewing Room
2019 KIAF, COEX, Seoul
Art Busan, BEXCO, Busan, Korea
2018 And never said a word, OCI MUSEUM, Seoul
The post Danseakhwa of Korea, Leeahn Gallery, Seoul/Daegu
2017 Under the skin, Arbit Gallery, Seoul
KIAF/ Solo project, COEX, Seoul
2015 Context Art Fair, Miami, USA

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum, Seoul
University of Seoul, Korea
University of MyungJi, Seoul