Jen Michel Collell

(Nimes France 6/04/1968 -)


Inspired by cinema, photography, fashion and music, Jean Michel Collell is connected to today’s society and his contemporaries. His conceptual gathering of lattices of wire exude the eccentricity and empowerment of his time, illustrating the characters and personalities of his icons.

Born in France, Jm Collell explored various mediums such as mosaic, painting and sculpture. More recently, inspired by the cross-hatching technique, Jean Michel turned to portraiture. His creations are similar to two-dimensional sculptures. Appropriating the multilayer lattice system, Jean Michel uses their network to create deeper shades in areas of concentration and, alternatively, a sense of light in the areas where the wires are retained. His characters are recreated with such precision that one can see a realistic photograph appearing at a distance. This new production, which requires a particular attention, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the people appearing on his paintings.