(Suwon, Gyunggi do, South Korea 16. Feb. 1985 -)


Han Sang-yoon(1985~)

◎ Academic background

●2003 Graduated from the 1st term of Korea Animation High School
●Graduated from Kyoto Seika University College of Arts in 2007 with the Department of Art and Satirical Painting (Katoon Cartoon Department)
●Graduated from Kyoto Seika University College of Arts in 2009 with a master's degree in satirical cartoon
●2011 Dongguk University Graduate School of Fine Arts, Ph.D. in Korean Painting
●2012-2013 Dongguk University (Seoul) Lecture
●2016-2017 Golden Line Creation Studio 1st and 2nd Generation Writers
●2015-2016 Maeil Economy TV [Beautiful TV Gallery Broadcasting – MC]
●2019-2021 Instructor in Western Painting, Department of Art, Chung-Ang University

◎ Current

Jung-Ang University Western Painting Lecture
Honorary member of Hawaii Korean Art Association


◎ Major individual exhibitions

2021 Happy Pig-Nice Shot_Gallery One_Seoul
2021 PIG POP - Happy Times _363 GALLERY_Hyundai Department Store Shindorim D-Cube City Branch
2021 PIG POP – Modern Times _BOK ART CENTER_Sejong
2020 Happy Travel_DGB Gallery (ART G&G Gallery)_Daegu
2019 Happy Pig - (Remember 10 Years of Pig)_Polar bear gallery_Shanghai
Happy Pig Artist Invitation Exhibition_Mattille Hotel & Gallery Opening Exhibition_Yeosu
Happy pig pop artist Han Sang-yoon Invitation Exhibition_Incheon
Gil Hospital Gachon Gallery (Planned MKO Corporation), Incheon, etc.

◎ Major team competitions

The scent of spring 2021, Hotel Interbulgo Daegu Gallery (planned S&S ART PRO'J), Daegu
The first exhibition of Soomukhoe, Del Mundo Museum (planned S&S ART PRO'J), Jeju Island
YES! Brand Exhibition, Yongsan I'Park Mall, Atrier Gallery
More than 400 times including 2020 Im Ha-ryong and Han Sang-yoon's Picture Party, Pika Project, Seoul, etc.

◎ Auction

2012 Hong Kong Christie Auction
2019 – Taipei Auction (isart gallery)
2020 WITH ART (Taiwan)-Multiple of Online Auctions

◎ Art Fair

2021 Blue Art Pair / Gallery One_GAGALLERY
2021 BAMA 2021 / ART G&G GALLY _ S&S ART PRO'J _ One Gallery
2021 ART AMOY (Xiamen Art Fair) / China Xiamen / GALLERY MOOOK (Kyoto Japan)

◎ Collaboration

2020 WOO'Z Bakery – CKAE BOX Edition
2019 Asia Pork Veterinary Congress (APVS 2019) - Edition Printed Production
Busan Gupo Sungsim Hospital - 2019 Calendar, etc.

◎ Broadcasting and media

2019 Monthly Essay – The more you cover and essay (Happy Pig Writer Han Sang-yoon)
2019 KTX Magazine - Interview with Happiness Writer Han Sang-yoon
2019 JoongAng Ilbo - Happy Pig Artist Han Sang-yoon
2019 SBS 8PM Main News - Pork writer Han Sang-yoon who has been drawing pig for 10 years.
Other magazines and broadcasts.

◎ Collection of works

Cheong Wa Dae, Dongyang Group Co., Ltd., Korea Filter Co., Ltd., Boracay Real Maris Hotel, National Assembly Hall, Hannam The Hill, Korea Chamber of Commerce, West Fine CC, Interbulgo CC, Goldline Company, Lakeside CC, Café Migusta, East Hills Golf Club (Jeju).Hallasan CC (Jeju), Hana Bank (Headquarters), Hana Bank Olympic Training Center PB Center, Jeju Island 'Jeju Ttukbaegi' Headquarters, Gyesan Hanok, Gangneung Uam Museum of Art, Japan MOOK Headquarters, Yeosu Matiyu Hotel, WACOAL Headquarters, Itouen Headquarters, Daegu Suseong Makchang, Daegu ParadaThis is Han Jeungmak, Kim In-joo, S&B Ophthalmology, 365 Orthopedics, Daegu Bank, Bumpae Museum, and many others.

Work Selection

Alternate Text

Happy Pig Family