Filiz Hatipoglu

(Turkey 1960 -)


Filiz Hatipoğlu

Filiz Hatipoglu, born in 1964 in Kastamonu. The artist started Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts (MSGSU) in 2006 and then she graduated of traditional Turkish Arts Department in 2010. She continues her art education as doctoral programme in Yeditepe Fine Arts University Department .As she knows Otoman Turkish well, she reflects letters’ only visuality to her paintings with a complex technique by her own interpretations. By determining her thesis subject “Artists Showed Up with Calligraphy in Contemporary Art of Painting”, she made a calligraphic touch overlapping with her own paintings.
While telling you the surface of er glass table I was trying to her insprer. The colors and spots formed in spontaneously on her daily working glss table has been the main theme of her new exhibition. Old memories, enthusiasm, hope are the feelings can be clearly sensed in her paintings. Calligraphy is her final touch again.
Since the beginning of Turkish writing, by using aesthetic value of calligraphy, artist puts the reality of history on the canvas with visionary approach when she converts images that consist of Runic, Arabic and Latin letters to the plastic item. She paints interpreting especially the lithe and aesthetic value of Arabic letters that constituted the written language of Ottoman Turkish before Latin alphabet without any style concern. Traces of life can be felt due to her loyalty to the past. The sense of living also reflected in artist’s canvas with dreamlike imagery by the impression of Turkish Art. Themes, schematic images, meridians in the works of Turkish history’s ancient writing are the values of scientific reality, from past to present. These values such as like talismanic figures in the circular forms have been a source of inspiration to the artist’s ‘Timeless’ exhibition. The endless color and energy of the nature travelled with sense of the time, concept and the venue in nature. The facts of living are described such as an eternal dream that is felt in all time with senses to live.
She made painting, engraving and lithography prints in Prof. Dr. Zahit Buyukisleyen, Prof. Dr. Ergin Inan , Mustafa Karyağdı and Sinan Demirtas’s litografi and serigrafi workshops.
She participated in several symposia and exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.
Artist stil continues to work in painting in her own studio.

Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts University, Department of Turkish Traditional Arts, Department of Tile Arts; Undergraduate (2006-2010)
Yeditepe University, Institute of Social Sciences, The Plastic Arts, Master Degree (2010-2013)


2015 Art International Kalkan Worksop
2015 UKKSA Art International Workshop
2014 Pamukkale Master Painting Workshop and Symposium Partitipation
2011 Odessa International Painting Workshop and Symposium Participation
2011 Selcuk University International Symposium on Fine Arts, Konya
2011 25 Artiste -125 Current Modern Expression Italy, Lecce
2011 First International Bosphorus Biennial
2011 4th International Egeart Art Days at Ege University, Izmir