Solange Heilenkötter

(Santiago de Chile 03.22.1961 -)


Her work began in 2007 with the study of Japanese art on paper (origami) and the organic volumetry of contemporary architecture ... the result: forms that interact with light and space, giving a unique character to their work.

Despite being far from the figurative, the perception and interpretation of the spectator of his work arises spontaneously: 'I see this or that thing', or 'I get the feeling of'. In a constant search and experimentation, in materials and execution, she develops a work that "requires a lot of concentration and patience; ‘I have cut by hand kilometers of material, polypropylene sheets take "shape" and "transform" in my work ...`
" The organic of the curve, the volume, light and shadow, the manual execution with its imperfections, is what it leaves with total sensitivity in each work. Unlike geometric abstraction where, the core is the use of simple, combined forms, color and its vibration, perspective, on unreal spaces.


2015 Art Lima Fair, Peru.
2016 Art Lima, Peru
2017 Art Lima, Peru
2018 Parc Art Fair, Peru
2018 Chaco Art Fair, Chile
2019 Mapa Art Fair, Argentina
2019 Context Art Miami