Nima Veiseh

(USA 1985 -)


Nima Veiseh, an internationally recognized artist whose paintings reach the depths of memory and emotion, is one of 50 people in the world who is diagnosed with a condition known as hyperthymesia, in which feelings and memories are stored in the mind with incredible detail, being able to recall a distant memory as if it had occurred only days before.

Nima’s art is an abstraction of time, space and memory transformed onto canvas in an explosion of rich, vibrant color, dramatic texture and pure feeling, that inexplicably captures your mind’s eye and takes you on the journey of exploration and emotion that is the essence of Nima’s Art.

Nima’s masterpieces delve so deeply in the language of movement, flow, and ebb of life, love, and pain it makes the memory captured on canvas almost tangible. His love for art and humanity are plainly visible in his work and the painstaking process that makes Nima’s art come alive.

Nima’s process consists of layering different mediums, colors, and techniques to achieve texture beneath the colors. Nima uses a technique in layering which he created and most of his work contains up to 20 layers of paint, creating a visual feast for the mind.

Nima’s artistic journey began before his understanding of what hyperthymesia was and how it would shape his future. Nima was part of a pre-Olympic Taekwon-Do circuit in his youth and found the local museums and artwork to be a means of decompressing and relaxing.

Nima soon found himself retiring from the Olympic circuit and embarking on a new journey through artistic expression on canvas. An artist in the school of temporal abstractionism who has found a method of encapsulating and freezing in time the struggle of self-discovery brought forth by chaos and fading memories.

Nima’s work has been exhibited at Art Basel since 2014, Also a resident artist at the Janus Gallery.


2018 -- Featured Exhibit, Art Basel Miami, Aqua Art Show,
Miami, FL, Dec. 6th-12th.
2018 -- Featured Exhibit, Art Basel Miami, Scope Art Show,
Miami, FL, Dec. 5th-11th.
2018 -- Solo Show, Beyond Gallery,
New York, NY, Sept. 28th.
2018 -- Solo Exhibit, HAZA Gallery, Spectrum Show,
Miami, FL, Aug. 10th.
2017 -- Featured Exhibit, Art Basel Miami, Spectrum Show,
Miami, FL, Dec. 4th-10th.
2017 -- Solo Private Show, Sandy Springs,
Atlanta, GA, Aug. 1st.
2017 -- Solo Exhibition, Beyond Gallery,
New York, NY, Aug. 10th.
2016 -- Solo Exhibition, Fathom Gallery,
Washington, D.C. May 19th.
2016 -- Duo Show, Art Soiree, Ritz-Carlton,
Georgetown, Washington, D.C. April 8th.
2016 -- Duo Show, L2, Georgetown,
Washington, D.C. Jan 14-Feb 8th.
2015 -- Group Show, Brick Lane Gallery,
London, Nov 10-23.
2015 -- Solo Exhibition, Purehouse Gallery,
Brooklyn, NY May – August.

Nima Veiseh, Artist 2015 -- Solo Show, White Room,
Washington, DC May 14th.
2014 -- Solo Show, 12 Pieces on Display, ENO Bar,
Georgetown, Washington D.C. August 1st - August 8th. 
2014 -- Solo Show, 20 Pieces on display, Fathom Gallery,
Washington D.C. Starting May 15th -- Ending June 1st.
2014 -- Three Week Live Art Exhibit, Fathom Creative,
Washington D.C. 48x56in Canvas in the Main Lobby. Feb-Mar.
2014 -- New York Ave Gallery Opening, Washington, D.C. Four Featured Pieces at 411 New York Ave NE. Dec 13th - Jan 2014.
2013 -- Bloomingdale Art Show, Washington, D.C.
Five Featured Pieces at 410 Florida Ave Gallery. Oct 19th.
2013 -- NYCHouse Fall Exhibition, New York, NY.
September through November. 17th St and 5th Ave.

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