Carlos Adissi

(Brazil 1953 -)


Brazilian artist Carlos Adissi is an international figure through South America for his groundbreaking work in abstraction.

For almost a decade, he has dedicated himself totally to painting, developing and participating in several projects. He is one of the founders of the USINA 14 Art Collective and remains an active participant in its coordination.

In his works, he presents themes related to the essence of being. Carlos injects rhythm and movement in his paintings, at once using continuous strokes and overlapping textures that develop into complex images of light and shadow. The luminous points of his art are complemented by the rich, dark layers, representing visions originating in the unconscious. In this way, he seeks to stimulate the observer to focus on and merge the images in their own unconscious.

Born in São Paulo, Carlos Adissi started his career by training at SESC in São Paulo, gaining notoriety through the Art Fairs and Jury Shows before breaking into the North American art collectors market.

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Fervendo - Boiling (Momento Mori 9)