Aldara Ortega

(New York 1988 -)



Aldara Ortega, a self taught photographer based in New York City, over a decade ago began experimenting with the underwater world to find an escape from urban life. Her work is a visual journey of self-discovery, freedom and pure expression of the body, mind and heart. It is the result of the transformational experience of being submerged in water, letting go and reconnecting with the raw, liberated, inner self.

Through her underwater portraits of women, she builds an intricate storyline of personal narratives offering the viewer glimpses of her personal search to honor the feminine. She invites you to intimately connect with the work and elicit feelings of strength, liberation, boldness, sensuality, and empowerment.

The spontaneity of her photography is integral and allows each muse and artist to be open to play and experimentation. The interactions are often limited in time, unique in location and with spur of the moment encounters. This, in addition to nature's power, water, weather conditions and natural light, creates the perfect environment to surprise both herself and the viewer alike.

Born in Madrid, Spain, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda, Politécnica University of Madrid. After moving to New York in 2010, she began her career as a mix media artist and painter. Her current practice is focused exclusively on underwater photography.


“Plunging into an underwater world, I allow the inherent power to take over and start to explore. Submerged, my photography brings this exploration to life focusing on the strength and beauty of feminine energy, celebrating women and their bodies. I invite the viewer to connect with me, be present in the moment, perceive things differently and appreciate light, motion and feeling. “ - Aldara Ortega