Zeerak Ahmed

(Lahore, Pakistan 1990 -)


Zeerak Ahmed is a Pakistani-born, US-based artist. Her sonic and visual practice is a collection of the elusive and the ephemeral. Ahmed uses the medium of sound to carry, connect and interrogate notions of identity, memory, migration and longing. Her uniquely fragile compositions of Eastern Classical and experimental music, inspire pictorial scores as remembrance for the unseen and unattainable. Ahmed is presently archiving and mapping the sonic and intellectual histories of female folk music traditions from South Asia, drawing new forms from the melodic and poetic content of her ancestral body of sound.

Ahmed's thoughtful sonic and visual compositions that embody explorations of sound, form and space are reflective of her identity as a global contemporary artist. Ahmed was the recipient of the Ladies Fund Award for Commendation in Art in 2015 and the Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Musician in 2016. As an artist, musician (using the moniker Slowspin) and curator, she has exhibited and presented numerous shows between Pakistan, Germany and the U.S., notably serving as Assistant Curator for the Inaugural Karachi Biennale 2017, the largest contemporary art event of Pakistan. Since 2018, she has been working as an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts and Liberal Arts.


Passage Calls III - Homeland Here Now, 2021, Art Basel:
This new body of work is an extension of my archival project, Apnay Mahal Ma. The steel on wood drawing is a pictorial representation of a traveling folk song of migrants, survivors and dreamers. Composed as a totemic form for future-past matriarchal sounds, it presents momentary connections to a sense of longing and belonging. This work reflects the spirit of the time, which is both the continuity of traditions and also cultural transformation.

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Passage Calls II, 2019