Tosin Kalejaye

(Ondo State, Nigeria 24 April 1992 -)


Tosin Olusegun Kalejaye is a self-taught contemporary visual artist from Abuja, Nigeria. From his early childhood, Kalejaye had a keen interest in drawing portraits. Needless to say, this is where his artistic profession stemmed from.

Kalejaye uses his art as an instrument to convey his ideas and impressions about modern society and the everyday Black experience. His art genre, widely ingrained in storytelling, representation, identity and historical documentation, is intended to incite emotion in his viewers as the required catalyst. It initiates mere social conversations to ultra-practical actions and liberates one’s consciousness.

His works, which were displayed in a range of exhibitions globally, including a group exhibition titled ‘Stop, listen!’ in Sweden, are largely done with charcoal, acrylic, oil on canvas and archival paper.


EMERGENCE, Christopher Moller Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa (May) – Group exhibition.

THE ART OF ART, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, United States of America (August) - Group exhibition.

POW! WOW! THE FIRST DECADE: FROM HAWAI’I TO THE WORLD, Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles, United States of America (May) – Group exhibition.

STOP, LISTEN!, CFHill Art Space, Stockholm, Sweden (January) - Group Exhibition.

LIMINALITY IN INFINITE SPACE, Africa Artists' Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria – Group exhibition.

GLOBAL CONVERSATION, UN75 x F.99 x Google Arts and Culture, The United Nations – Group exhibition.

LOCALITY AND THE STATUS QUO, Pacers Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria – Group exhibition.

MAKING BLACK AND BROWN ART IMPORTANT AGAIN, Brooklyn Ubuciko Festival, New York, United States – Group exhibition.

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