Gozde Tolan

(Turkey 1980 -)


I grew up in İstanbul.
Istanbul, one called
Constantinople, plays host to a number of
churches that date back to the Byzantine Empire.
Through all the churches have their own
beautiful features, I fell in love with mosaics.
In the beginning of 2016, Gözde Pars Mosaic
Studio, which I opened earlier, now continues as
an art studio under the name of Mozaik Terapi
Studio and providing comprehensive mosaic
trainings for all levels in antique, classic and
contemporary mosaics.
My art comes from the heart and, likewise, speaks to the heart through a pure and
critical understanding. I have always been inspired by nature and natural design and
in every piece I create, I try to incorporate a natural feel, whether in design, color or
Mosaic is a kind of therapy method for me, I indulge in being deep awareness by
focusing on «now» with an intense concentration during my works. In connection
with this; by breaking new ground in Turkey at the beginning of 2019, I created a new
4 5 days mosaic workshop called as "Mosaic Therapy" allowing participants to
experience connections between mosaic and mindfulness through various
meditation practices during mosaic making process.
In my works, the themes of simplicity and depth are generally treated. I mainly
worked on projects with mixed 3D with glass, marble, stone, natural materials, metal
parts, etc. The materials I used in my works are usually my main inspiration. In
addition to this, I also liked to add richness to my works from time to time by using
different painting techniques.


September 2019, International Apollania Mosaic Workshop, Bursa Gölyazı Aziz
Panteleimon Church
June 2021, «Freedom» Karl & Ein Art Galery, İstanbul
July 2021,» Anatolian Civilizations, Bağla Güneş ve Kültür Sanat Merkezi,
August 2021, «Myndos 2» Match Art Galery, Bodrum

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