Joel Amit

(Israel 1982 -)


Joel Amit, born in Jerusalem in 1982, resides in his homeland where he is noted as both a
brilliant designer and artist. After receiving his degree in architecture from the Bezalel Arts and
Design Academy, the industrious Amit spent the next five years planning and building students
and artists’ villages in the Negev desert. His experience in the south constructing residences,
particularly his interest and knowledge of the properties and different uses of building materials,
manifested into his creating wonderful two-dimensional wall sculptures from metal and wood.
Amit’s experimentation and success in the repetitious application of unconventional small pieces
of materials, as concrete, wood, piping, cardboard and paper, to form large structures, is the
same concept he uses for his animate stills of moving butterflies, fish, birds, and feathers.
Together we see the repetition and positioning of the same small delicate creature, painted in a
bright mix of colors as our eye views the larger image created with them, such as hearts, words,
instruments, animals, or bridges.
Influenced by nature and its coexistence with the computerized world, Amit created his
“staccato” movement, a representation of the beauty and spontaneity of life to the edgy digital
plastic age. Each vibrantly painted metal piece is strategically set in planes of space and
become magical in with rhythmic energy.
Amit finds the contrast and process of forming heavy and cold steel into graceful, flowing works
of art “liberating”. Joel expresses, “I am always in search for an extra dimension, a hidden layer,
and to challenge the eye; and it is my sole wish to share it with others.”


2017 Art Expo New York
2017 Art Spectrum / Red Dot Miami
2018 Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
2018 Artexpo New York
2018 Art Miami, New York
2018 Blue Gallery Delray Beach, Florida
2018 Scope Art Fair Miami, FL
2019 Palm Beach Modern+Contemporary
2019 Art Palm Beach
2019 Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
2019 Blue Gallery Delray Beach, Florida
2019 Artexpo New York
2019 Art Miami-New York
2019 Art Market Hamptons, NY
2019 REVEAL Saratoga Springs, NY
2019 Art Aspen, CO
2019 SOFA Chicago, IL
2019 SCOPE Miami, FL
2020 Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
2020 Blue Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida
2021 Blue Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida (Virtual)
2021 Boynton Beach, Florida – Art in Motion Kinetic Art Exhibition

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Here Comes the Sun - White Butterflies on Aqua

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Here Comes the Sun -Blue/Green Fish on White

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Wave - Shades of Blue/Green Fish on White

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Here Comes the SUN- Mini-Multicolor Butterflies on White