Alessandro Paglia

(Milan 1980 - Present)


Alessandro Paglia is an artist who lives and works in Milan, the Italian capital of design.

With an education and background in product design and over ten years of experience in the field, Alessandro says, “Objects attract me, in particular their aesthetics, textures, materials and volumes. I feel inspired by the stories they tell, their personalities, the ingenuity of their creators, their hidden world. At some point I simply felt that I had to combine the passion for the objects and the passion for drawing.” The result of this fusion are his exceptional artworks.

The use of pen and pencils allows Alessandro to achieve rich, vivid tones and vibrant textures within his compositions. He utilises intense inky pigments to amplify the interplay between the natural light and his chosen subject. The technique he employs is relatively simple yet quite laborious in its execution, Alessandro says.