Simone D' Auria

(Bergamo 1976 -)


Simone D’Auria is an Italian architect and designer.
Son of the seventies, he grew up in a culture immersed in the aesthetic of revolution and politics. The counterculture atmosphere of those years indelibly influenced his distinct style development. Deeply inspired by Italian designer Bruno Munari, D’Auria ardently followed his vocation to be an artist. D’Auria’s ability to assimilate to different parts of the world allows him to approach art with a culturally conscious design.


Some of his most prestigious collaborations include: Triennale Milan exhibiting alongside works of art and design, St. Moritz Art Masters 2012, where he exhibited two of his most recent works (Charging Bull and MV California), and Carousel Fine Art where he has several pieces exhibiting in the Miami Design District.

Zoo (Light) Revolution and World Hub, Triennale di Milan, 2010
Lightbull Charging Wall Street, Triennale di Milan, 2012
Dandelaion, Triennale di Milan, 2013
WindMill, Ferragamo, Florence, 2013
Lightbull Charging Wall Street, St Moritz Art Master, 2013
Cycling Up, Ferragamo, Florence, 2014
Personal | Unpersonal, Ferragamo, Florence, 2015
Spoon, Ferragamo, Florence, 2016
Spoon, Rosini Gutman Foundation, United Nations New York, 2017
Freedom, Ferragamo, Florence, 2018
Spoon, Rosini Gutman Foundation, Fanesina, Rome, 2018
Cylcling Up and Spoon, KARLSRUHE, Germany, 2018
Spoon, Art Basel, Basel, 2018
Spoon, Art Basel, Miami, 2018
Spoon, Montblanc Cultural Foundation, 2018
Vespa Freedom, Piaggio Museum, 2018