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Kurar grew up in a furiously fast-changing world. A natural inspiration for an artist that takes a kind yet critical look at the failings of a society advancing too fast perhaps, or one dominated by increasingly strained social and political tensions.
A source of observation that Kurar dissects in meticulous work that evolves in parallel with our everyday existence. It is because we have to know where we come from, in order to understand the present and guide our future, that Kurar’s aesthetics use the gentleness of images of a childhood at the start of the last century.
This gentleness provides a powerful contrast to the crude images of a present social reality that would have been unimaginable 100 years ago. Be that as it may, KURAR brings us contrasts that mirror freedoms given or taken away and the price(s) of life in a world that has implacably stamped its pace on us.

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