Yuta Nishiura

(Yokohama, Japan 1974 -)


(b. 1974, USA)

Born in Yokohama, Japan, Yuta Nushiura presents a sensual and noble wood sculpture series, bringing his exquisite carved sculptures to life with a compelling narrative and style.

His unique hand-carved wood sculptures express a high sensibility of the human expressions and desires.

"My works are based on small observations of daily life - mostly of mine. I like to look at a simple life that is actually full of small miracles and want to be fully aware of it.

A black dot drawn on a white sheet of paper, for instance, creates the white world around it. The empty white space is filled with the freedom, eternity and stories. It is my aim to create this white world called landscape by making a black dot called sculpture."

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Zebra is My Colour - High Heel

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Black Shoe

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Remembering White Bubbles