Jordi Mollà

(Spain July 1, 1968 -)


Jordi Mollà’ channels as much passion and purpose into his artwork as he does with his acting. Expressive and bold, with overt and subtle messages married with a myriad of colors, Mollà transmits oceans of images from his minds’ eye to canvas, and a host of installations of a vast and varied nature. Although some of Mollà’s art may seem spontaneous and created in the bounds of a finite time frame, a great number of his sought-after works have taken the artist many years to complete.
Mollà connects and communicates visually with his audience through a plethora of different styles and techniques that take him from abstract to pop, graffiti to hyper-realism. Mollà returns again and again to a piece, adding ideas, colors, feelings, and universes of experience in a new unit of time, thus enriching the artwork, bestowing it renewed breath and life.
This deference to both the art and viewer has garnered Mollà a steadily growing and loyal pool of avid private collectors and celebrities including Johnny Depp, and Carolina Herrera Jr.

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