Angela Johal

(san francisco 1959 -)


Angela Johal grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60s and 70s. Her smooth, pristine, geometric, hard edge paintings are reflective of the California hard edge and psychedelic artists, textile designs and music from that period.
Johal calls her paintings “Chromesthetic Geometrics” because they are created in accompaniment to music where both together react directly upon the emotions, where there is a blending of the senses, a chromesthetic experience where heard sounds evoke an experience of color on the canvas. She believes that it is possible for the viewer to experience sound when they view her paintings. Many of her paintings are titled after musical terminology.
Geometric shapes appear in most of Johal’s work because she believes that these shapes are easily understood by people of all ages, races, nations and cultures and speak to everyone, can be easily understood and very complicated at the same time.. “Geometric shapes are a balance between the world that is visible and the world that is invisible. They reach beyond what the eye can see.”