Guy Boudro

(Sept-Iles Quebec 1967 -)


Boudro was born in Sept-Iles Quebec, Canada in 1967. He currently lives and works in the Montreal area where he maintains his dynamic studio. As a young artist Boudro studied every conceivable medium in depth including sculpture, painting, and serigraphy, as well as his studies in industrial design gave him the tools of perfection and precision to create master works.

He was greatly influenced and inspired by the work of Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring and Rosenquist and would spend weeks in NY visiting the haunts of the Pop greats as well as attending Museum openings and exhibitions of their retrospectives. In doing so he was able to immerse himself in the cultural zeitgeist of the art world.

Boudro always felt an uncanny alignment with the energy and heartbeat of NY and he developed his own unique Pop style from his frequent trips to NY by creating a series of yellow taxi cab images which were very much a symbol of the city he adored. Boudro then evolved his painting tableau to incorporate famed brand identities with pop icons, in concert with fantastic super heroes, and nostalgic cartoon characters. All the while the vibrant and colorful brush strokes danced with the themes that you now see in his current collections.
Most recently Boudro is exploring the retro vinyl record and the ubiquitous postage stamp both being elevated to a place of whimsy and humor with his inimitable precision and exceptional technique. He free hands every brush stroke with remarkable control and can paint straight lines and curves with such astonishing accuracy that it looks as if his work has been photographed instead of painted.
His style marries his Pop art roots to the surrealist through the use of unexpected juxtapositions and dream like compositions.

Boudro spreads his passion through more complexity and detailed work in elements of his Mosaic images, Puzzles, and what he titles “Comic Stripes.” In keeping with his love of NY he created special commissions and installations for Flagship shops such as Barnes & Noble, Steuben Glass as well as Mikli, both on Madison Ave. Additionally, he installed a very special work in the front window of LongChamp’s boutique in Soho, NY.
His artistic universe has been recognized during outstanding exhibitions through many special projects with installations at the French Consulate in NY, the UN, the Sommets de Courchevel, the Novotel a prestigious part of the Accor hotels in NY and his work was honored on the 10th anniversary of September 11th when he created a Giant heart in the shape of a puzzle piece in collaboration with Pop artist R. Katch which became a part of the 9/11 Virtual Memorial.

A consummate artist of visual thrills, Boudro’s work is in significant private and corporate collections around the world creating delight and enjoyment for every collector. His work can be seen in galleries throughout Canada, France, Switzerland, and Germany as well as in the US.