- Pezhman


“I believe there is a bit of magic in the medium of photography that is made up of light, chemistry, natural beauty and the ability to capture a perfect moment on film.”
Pezhman was born in 1976 in Shiraz – the center of Iran’s cultural civilization. Emigrating three years later as the result of revolution, Pezhman grew up in the United States. Adventurous since childhood, Pezhman is an avid explorer; he thrives outdoors, trekking, kayaking, mountain climbing and fishing. Beginning as a photographer, he captured destination landscapes on film; inspired by the contrast between natural and urban environments. As his work evolved into mixed media he has channeled his photography talents to explore the surfaces and textures of his own creation.
Pezhman cites his own drive for exploration, and his first photography road trip at 17 as the primary influences for picking up a camera in the first place. Passion set in as he immersed himself in the world of photography: converting his bathroom to a dark room, enrolling in photography programs, and landing an assistantship with a prominent studio. As his career progressed so did photography. Digital photography emerged and quickly moved in on traditional techniques. This sparked in Pezhman a creative stall, unsatisfied with the instant gratification nature of this new method. Craving the involvement he once had developing his imagery, Pezhman pushed forward into mixed media; slowly at first, with only oil paints, but adding more diverse media as his creative passion was ignited once again.
As a mixed media artist Pezhman explores the surfaces of his works, developing textures and colors to convey vivid sensations of actual experiences. His process involves photography, oil, acrylic, textiles, resin, encaustic, tar, and any other materials he finds to create dynamic texture. With several sources of inspiration for his collections, Pezhman’s method is born from a spirit of exploration to preserve timeless moments discovered along a journey.
Pezhman continues his explorations of mixed media in Atlanta, Georgia. His work is collected and displayed across the United States.


2014 Art Hamptons
2014 Art Baltimore
2014 Houston Fine Art Fair
2014 SCOPE Miami
2015 LA Art Show
2015 Art Palm Beach
2015 Affordable Art Fair NY
2015 Art Hamptons
2015 Art Silicon Valley
2015 CONTEXT Miami
2016 CUBE Brussels
2016 CONTEXT Miami
2017 CONTEXT Palm Beach