Mat Kemp

(England 1960 -)


Mat Kemp is an English artist, predominantly sculptural, either free standing or wall reliefs combining traditional materials, plaster, wood, metal with constantly evolving collection of donated and salvaged objects, ranging from ancient tools to the must recent plastic cartoon merchandise.

“The material bank I have developed is a constant inspiration. It often drives the idea or piece, my role as an artist is to steer it in the right direction. The network of donators that I have built up all over the world helps keep fuel in the tank.

I attempt to reinterpret familiar subjects and materials, challenging the viewer to examine the visual symbols and incidental forms that are taken for granted in everyday life. Adjusting their normal place in the world we know to something that exists on another level…not necessarily higher.

The unifying bond for most of the pieces is a sense of humour and playfulness, it helps keeps the pieces fresh without detracting from their existence as a work of art.

The influences throughout my career to date are as varied as the materials I use, ranging from Assyrian friezes in the British Museum to erotic Etruscan tomb frescos hidden in the Tuscan hills, from the scribbles of Spike Milligan to the constructions and Installations of Kurt Schwitters.”

School of Communication Arts 1990.
Royal College of Art 1987. Diploma in Bronze Casting
Instituto Statale D’Art Florence 1982 Diploma in Sculpture restoration
University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1985, Ba Hons Sculpture (1st)