Tony Blackmore

(England -)


Tony Blackmore, a British artist whose practice is based in North East London, graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Kingston University in 1993 and with an MA in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London (UAL), in 2013. During his time at UAL he was one of six students from across its’ MA programmes to be awarded a residency at Tokyo Arts and Space. His time spent in Japan, where he studied the lighting, materials and spaces of its traditional architecture, continues to influence the art he makes today.

Since graduating Tony’s work has focused on his ‘Paperfolds’, a body of wall-based reliefs each created from a single sheet of polyester film, a film traditionally used by architects. With an interest in physics and geometry, each Paperfold begins with creating a pattern similar to a moiré or constructive interference pattern. Tony places the polyester film over the pattern scoring deep lines on both sides. Each line is then meticulously hand-folded before the film is pushed and nurtured into its final form.

Katie’s new paintings have been greatly influenced by a recent trip to India; she was inspired by India’s vast palaces decorated with beautiful intricate patterns composed of gemstones and mirrors, by the delicate miniature paintings and richly coloured textiles. Her paintings explore the play of scale from macro to micro and the movement between representational and abstract. They are enjoyed on different levels, with the viewer constantly finding new areas to explore and be drawn into. The rich colours and interplay of harmonies at once reflect the soothing landscapes on which they are based, and at the same time recall the vibrant energy of nature, creating a delicious tension between tranquillity and excitement, serenity and stimulation.

The deliberate choice to keep each artwork a white monochrome highlights the colour of ambient light cast onto its faceted surface. When varying the type and direction of artificial light, the matte translucent quality of its surface transforms to create illusions of shapes that appear to shift in tone and depth. These illusions are further heightened with the movement of the viewer.

Tony also writes for Saturation Point, an online resource for UK-based reductive, geometric and systems artists. In spring 2018 he was admitted as a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.