Daniele Papuli

(Maglie 1971 -)


Daniele Papuli was born in 1971 at Maglie, Puglia, Italy.
After graduating in Sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, he settled in Milan where he still works.
His first approach to sculpture dates back to 1991 with his earliest stone, wood and plaster artefacts. In 1993, on the occasion of an international workshop in Berlin, he learned methods for manufacturing sheet paper. It was a crucial experience that brought him in 1995 to choose paper as the most suitable material for his research and his own language. He then experiments with the production of handmade paper and from 1997 makes his first sculptures with different types of paper material.
In this period he meets the publisher Vanni Scheiwiller, who entrusts him with the extraordinary production of handmade sheets of paper for the graphic underlay of the art book in 300 copies: Trittico, tre poesie di
Wislawa Szymborska, tre collage di Alina Kalczynska.
His continuous investigation into matter and his experimentation on new materials similar to paper and
proposed for their structural and tactile potential lead him to continuous interconnections from sculpture to
design, to installations and sets for fairs and international exhibitions. The exhibited objects, mostly limited
editions and single pieces, dialogue with the whole experience of contemporary design.
For Flux Laboratory of Geneva, a foundation for art, dance and experimental disciplines, he produces, in his solo exhibitions of 2011, Le Gèant de Papier, projections de la matière, four installations that interact with the dance performances created for this particular purpose.
His works are in private and public collections in Italy and abroad, as well as in specific publications of Paper Art.

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