Hom Nguyen


Hom Nguyen, born in Paris in 1972, is a self-taught artist with instinctive style.

As an unconventional personality, his works are just as much. Working with charcoal, gouache felt, oil or even pen, each of his paintings appears as a combat, a hand-tohand confrontation with matter from which arises a will: to reveal the deepest of the human being through the lines and color.

Most of Hom’s work revolves around the creation of monumental portraits. The choice of colors, the application of the material or the vivacity of the gesture are always done in order to show to the world his vision of the human being beyond appearances. His works capture and transcend the depth of feelings and the complexity of the emotions that overwhelm the human soul.

His subtle representations deal with the duality of the visible and the invisible, the material and the immaterial. Thus, Hom Nguyen pushes each of us to a reflection, an introspection, on what we show of ourselves, what we are trying to hide and what we really are.

The unsaid artwork opens towards the unseen or not shown, the suggested. This is the idea that the artist takes himself as a paradigm which from an individual representation is his explanation of the world. An individual like travelers, expatriates, anonymous or famous, everyone carries an essential message, the true link of the elementary chain.

Never have the faces shown so much the world. Is it non-necessary to have background, backdrop, to understand in what space we are evolving? His portraits are directly related to our daily life: they interact with us and create a dialogue with them.

This is how Hom recreates humans and humanity.