Luis Selem

(Cuernacava, Mexico 1975 - Present)


Born in Cuernacava, Mexico in 1975, Luis Selem lives most of his life in Sinaloa, a state that saw him born as a plastic artist more than 20 years ago, the same time he has dedicated to painting. He has a degree in Architecture from the Lasalle University Campus in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts specializing in fine arts at the Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mexico and received his Master’s degree in Art from The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy.

“Painting is my language, my way of life and my passion, that’s how it has been since we discovered each other. My work is based on experiences lived in childhood, connect with that scared and fearful child for his first move, fearful and scared not by the change, but by the concern that his most precious objects (toys) suffer some damage in the transfer. Hence my desire to wrap to preserve the most beloved, wrap with a paper that means nothing to a child, newspaper and today mean something such just a few moments while reading, after this, is just wrapping paper, its meaning changes, its context is different.”

He has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions, among which are ”Masters of the imagination...” The Latin American fine art exhibition in New York City; USES, Arte Vivo, Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City; Group of the sixteen Contemporary Art. Mexico DF and several individual exhibitions in important cultural spaces of Mexico and the United States; as in the historic lottery hall of the National lottery building in Mexico City, as well as in several South American countries.

He has also participated in important international contemporary art fairs such as KIAF, Korea International Art Fair Seoul Korea; ArtBo, Bogota International Art Fair, Bogota, Colombia; San Francisco Fine Art Fair. San Francisco Ca. USA; Art Miami, Miami Fl. USA; Zona Maco Arte Contemporáneo, Monterrey NL. Mexico

His work is in various public and private collections, including the HBO collection, the pictorial collection of the SAT tax administration system, the pictorial collection of the Autonomous University of Querétaro, the pictorial collection of the Art Museum of Querétaro, the pictorial collection Milenio group, among others.