Gil Goren

(Afula, Israel -)


Gil Goren Born in Afula and until the age of 14 lived between Kiryat Amal, Netanya, Rehovot, Beit Shemesh, and from there attended a military academy. From the military academy, Gil served in the Israely Airforce for six years.

After serving, Goren lived in Kibbutz Yagur and from there went on a journey by ship to the islands of Greece, South of France, and to Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, Goren settled down to live for two years.

Following his European adventure, Goren moved back to Israel and lived in the old city of Jerusalem, then he move to Kibbutz Yagur, and finally to Haifa. Where he studied visual arts & Grafic Design for 4 years in the wizo academy of design. in Haifa Goren settled down and built his house by the green mountain of the Carmel.

Goren is an advertiser, graphic designer, and copy writer. He is the senior creative director and manager of design at Yehushua/TBWA, one of the leading advertising agency in Israel. Goren has managed and continues to manage hundreds of ad campaigns for leading brands. He has won prizes in Israel and in major cosmopolitan capitals around the world.

In 2009, on a sunny New York afternoon everything came together - the advertising messages, the typography, the colors, the layout, the richness of information, and the unstoppable movement of the city. All these aspects came together to create a process of creativity that resulted in the art of Goren.

All of the photos that are exhibited were taken by Goren in New York between 2009 - 2013 and they are the basic materials of the artworks. The photos are printed directly on small pieces of wood in the shapes of squares and rectangles. These individual pieces are modern icons that are than glued in a collage form onto a large slab of wood. Each piece has his own unique concept and message. The artwork is all made by hand.


March-April 2014 Solo Exhibition Kastiel As Is Gallery Tel Aviv Israel
May 2014 ACHK Conard hong kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
August 2014 Museum Windows Ramat Aviv Tel Aviv Israel IRON DOME AND TEAR (ART IN SHADE OF WAR)
July 2014 Represented By TRIBES Gallery Tel Aviv Israel