Ruth Bloch

(Israel 1951 -)


Ruth Bloch was born in 1951 to artistic parents. Her father was a musician and her mother a ceramic artist. An avid painter from an early age, Ruth attended the Avny Art Institute where her talent was immediately recognized by her professors. She was encouraged to continue working in her own creative mode and to develop the personal style that characterizes her sculpture today. "For me, what makes art is pureness, the fewer stages you have from the inner you to the art, the better," explains the artist. This philosophy inspires much of her creation. She strives to deliver a pure quality from the profound depths of the self and this is illustrated in a piece like "Family" which evokes the sense of unity and togetherness that is fostered in her own family.
Bloch speaks of a period spent in the desert area of Arava, with her husband and her four children in very positive terms despite the health problems that she suffered at this time. This move helped her discover her artistic bearings and in her own words, "to create, to love, to wrap my family around me, to give and to receive love. I see the world in brighter colors now."

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Graceful Nest