Noemi Safir

(Montevideo, Uruguay 1971 -)


Born (1971) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Studied painting at the Institute of art, Bat-Yam, Israel.

Despite her appealing to art Safir's life led her through many different roads and difficulties, but it eventually aimed her to the real destiny. Round the age of 35 Safir discovered herself again as an artist, thus her paintings are engaged in the joy of creation. Her works depicts scenes that are taken from her life and natural environment, which she first record by photography or sketching while wandering in the streets. Then Safir transforms it to monumental paintings while using a broad palette which echoes the Pop culture. Safir attributes those happy colors a great power, both in reflecting her own life and both in revealing its spectators' private aspirations and feelings.

Naomi Safir's works are collected in private collections and public venues and have been featured in exhibition throughout the world.