Toyohiko Nishijima

(Shia 1966 - Shia)


Solo exhibitions

1993, 95 Solo exhibitions(Kyoto)
1997 «Return to Nature : Water » (Kyoto)
2001 «Nagare – the Stream – » (Kyoto)
2002 «Floating Soul » (Kyoto)
2005 «Flowering Flame of his Mind » (Kyoto)
2006 «Light - Flowers of Flame» (Yokohama, Osaka)
2007 «Floating flowers in the sky» (Tokyo)
2008 «Impermanence, Nature teaches me » (Tokyo)
2010 «Inner Light : Brilliance in silhouette » (Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya)
2011 Solo exhibitions (Tokyo) (Nagoya) (Shiga)
« Toyohiko Nishijima and Coco » (Carrousel du Louvre in Paris)
2012 « - Hanae •You- » (Tokyo, Osaka)
2013 France Solo exhibitions (as a guest of honor)
2014 «Morning – Between Light and Water –»(Tokyo)
2015 «Faces of the gods of Japan »(Tokyo)Toobi Art Fair (Tokyo)
New York solo exhibitions (NY)
2016 Solo exhibitions(Kyoto)

Group exhibitions, prizes, etc.

1994 Participated in the Exhibition of Nihonga prize of the newspaper Kyoto Shimbun (Kyoto)
1995 Exhibition of Young talented Nihonga artists of Kyoto (Hiroshima, etc.)
98-07 Collaboration with the Nihonga artists group « NEXT » (Kyoto, Tokyo, etc.)
1999 Exhibition of the Grand prize of Tatehiko Suga, (Osaka, Okayama). Also in 2005 and in 2008
2002 Exhibition of Young talented artists of Arts and Crafts of Kyoto city (Museum of Kyoto)
Exhibition of Young talented artists of Kyoto city (The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art)
2003 Exhibition of the Nihonga artists’ association in Kyoto
Received the prize of the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun (Museum of Kyoto)
2004 Exhibition « Kyoto Today » (Museum of Kyoto)
Acquisition of one of his works by Kyoto city
2006 Received the Prize of the new talented artists of Kyoto city
Exhibition of Grand prix of Nihonga of the newspaper Nikkei (The New Otani Art Museum)
2007 Illustrated covers of books and reports of « Women writers’ Association : Documents »
2009 Exhibition Nihonga-Kyo (Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.) Since, annual participations in the exhibition
« Kan-Hikari Art Expo» at Nijô Castle and at Kiyomizu-dera (temple)
(both are UNESCO World Heritage site) and at Sennyû-ji temple.
Since, annual participations in the exhibition
Since 2015 Exhibitions in Kodaiji and Higashi Honganji Temples
2010 Exhibition « Kachô-ga -Bird and flower painting- Today»
(Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki)
2011 Fascination of Ohama Washi (Kochi, Osaka, etc.)