Pietro Adamo


As a lover of travel, Adamo finds inspiration in the places he visits, both old and new.
His most recent body of artwork, similar to the pop art icons of Andy Warhol, unfolds dramatic and bold “ brush stroke” of the 21st century. Not quite pop art, not quite abstract expressionism; Adamo breathes new life into well known iconic figures, such as Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon. The result is a pastiche of contemporary art styles, textures, colours and historical imagery, which are woven together to provoke a visceral engaging response. For example, The Blue Valentine Series, archiving the life of Marilyn Monroe is individually created by hundreds of silk screens representing different images of her life and of her era. Bold brush strokes of colour and textures, are layered and woven, creating a composition of Monroe that transcends beyond the frame, so that you can almost feel the touch of her radiance. Each iconic figure in his contemporary series is given an attention to detail and emotion so that for example, you can hear Mick Jagger’s voice, read John Lennon’s message for peace is his expression, and feel Leonard Cohen’s poetry in his eyes. Each painting is unique and each tells a different story, so that it relates to you, the viewer.
Many have felt the emotional pull of Adamo’s work. Due to this he is exhibited and collected not only in North America but also internationally. In the past Adamo has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Art Miami Wynwood, Art Toronto, Art Frankfurt, among many others. His art work is also part of the corporate collections of American Express, Merrill Lynch (Chicago), the Harvard Club (Boston), the Fairmont Hotel (Montreal). He also has a tremendous amount of artwork with some of the most well seasoned collectors worldwide.
Just recently, this particular series has been given international acclaim at Art Miami- Context (2016-2017), Art New York (2016), Art Palm Beach (2017) and Art Wynwood (2016-2017).