James Ame

(UK -)


Ame72 from his real name James Ame, a full-time artist who does street art all around the world. With an authentic background in graffiti and street art, Ame72 has developed his style into what he best describes as 'Conceptual Pop Art'. Having already exhibited in world renowned museums, galleries and auctions around the world, and been featured in numerous publications, including the iconic book, 'The Cult Of Lego'. Indeed, well-known as “Lego guy”, he uses these mass-produced molded smiling toy puppets, as a mean to transmit a message in his art prints.
Messages borrowed from the urban texture and aimed towards the society’s characteristics: economic abundance, consumerism and commercialization.


Animamix Biennial, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Beijing & Shanghai,China.
Inside Job, Tel Aviv Museum Of Contemporary Art, Helena Pavillion,
Tel Aviv, Israel.
Tel Aviv Museum Of Art, More than Canvas, Haft Hall, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Comics Cartoon Museum, Holon, Israel.
Hebert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, UK.
Bonhams Urban Art, New Bond Street, London, UK.
Matsart Fine Art Auctions, Tel Aviv, Israel.
DNFA Urban Contemporary, London, UK.
Tirosh Fine Art Auction, Israel.
Grays Auction, Sydney, Australia.
John Nicholsons Fine Art Auctions, Surrey, UK.
Swedish Royal Opera
Painted Samson & Delila artwork in Tel Aviv for Royal Swedish Opera.
Attitude Gallery, Congleton, UK
34 FineArt, Cape Town, South Africa.
Eden Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York, USA.
Black Rat Press, London, UK.
Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
Galeria Arte, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Sea No Evil Art Show, Riverside, California, USA.
Kishon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Tiroche Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Brooklyn Nite Gallery, New York, USA.
T&P Fine Art, Philadelphia, USA.
Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, UK.
Ronen, Antwerp, Belgium.
Comme il Faux, Tel Aviv, Israel.
MSA Gallery, Paris, France.
Legal Action Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Graffik Gallery, London.
Design Space, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Upfest Gallery, Bristol, UK.
Urban Kind, UK.
Atelier Rose & Gray, Hale, UK.
Print & Press
Untitled Street Art book
DNFA catalogue cover
The Art Of Lego book
Comics Cartoon catalogue cover
Olmert Street Art book
Time Out Tel Aviv
Sands Of Time, Magnetic Island Times, Australia
Designed front cover for Schlueufen paper, Germany
Art Fair, TV & Event
Grand Art Fair, Royal Victoria Dock, London.
Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Cans Festival, London, UK
POW Open Day, London.
Upfest Street Art Festival, Bristol.
Meeting Of Styles, New Jersey, New York, USA.
Lost Property, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Tel Aviv, Barcelona,
Sydney, New York.
Red Bull Street Elements, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Motorola Street Party, Tel Aviv, Israel.
TV - BBC 'Geronimo' Series. Created sand sculpture for series final with Fearne Cotton.
TV - The Science Of Sand. Created sand sculpture for Granada Reports, UK.
Sandology, Sand scultpure show on bograshav beach, Tel Aviv.
Sands Of Time, Sand sculpture exhibit, Magnetic Island, Australia.
Sand On Fire, Sand sculpture and fire dance show, Blackpool, UK.
Painted mural and took part in Multivitamins TV advert, UK.
Painted mural and took part in trampolina music video, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Collaborated with LEGO Billund to create a Limited Edition Ame72 LEGO Spaceman set.
Technology & Art
Designed and developed 'itaggraffiti' app for Apple itunes and Google Play