Piers Secunda

(London UK 1976 -)


Born London 1976

1995-1998 BA Painting, Chelsea College Of Art, London
1994-1995 Foundation, Surrey Institute Of Art, Farnham


Selected exhibitions including solo projects:
2017 Isis Bullet Holes Paintings, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York City
2016 Perfectionism III. ColArt, London
2016 Pergamon Alterations. New York University, Faculty of Fine Arts, New York University
(Solo show)
2016 Engines and Panoramas. Bermondsey Project Space, London. (Solo show +Catalogue)
2015 Raw: Word And Image. Space 776, Brooklyn, New York
2015 Community Hospital. WhyWhyArt. Shanghai
2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Spring Studios, New York (work donated as best documentary award)
2015 Archived Oil. David Krut Projects, New York. (Solo show)
2014 The Rise Of Oil. Jessica Carlisle Gallery, London. (Solo show)
2014 The Social Bases of Abstraction. UpDown Gallery, Ramsgate. Curated by Ben Weidel Kaufmann
2014 Art Asia in London Fair. Guus Roell Fine Art, Maastricht.
2014 War Stories. William Holman Gallery, NYC. Curated by Anthony Haden-Guest
2014 Art14. UpDown Gallery, Olympia, London.
2013 One. UpDown Gallery, Ramsgate.
2013 Winter Exhibition. Small Works Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
2013 Piers Secunda: A Retrospective. UpDown Gallery, Ramsgate (Retrospective show +Catalogue)
2013 Taliban Paintings. Kuub Kulture Space, Utrecht, Holland. (Solo show)
2013 W-A-R. Jacob’s Island Gallery, London
2013 Let Me Introduce… UpDown Gallery, Ramsgate
2012 Black Gold. Vegas Gallery, London
2012 The Materiality of Paint. Fine Art Society, London
2012 Taliban Bullet Holes. Small Works Brisbane, Australia (Solo show)
2012 Piers Secunda. Kuub Kulture Space, Utrecht, Holland (Solo show)
2012 L&M Arts. Hong Kong Fair
2012 Taliban Bullet Holes. YK Art, Moganshan Rd, Shanghai (Solo show)
2012 Paradox, The Limits of Liberty. Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam
2012 No One To Hear You Scream. Saamlung Gallery, Hong Kong
2012 Immortal Nature. Edel Assanti, London. Curated by Gordon Cheung
2011 Taliban Reliefs and Crude Oil Silkscreens. Aubin Gallery, London (Solo show). (Catalogue)
2011 Signal8. Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2011 The Great Alonso. Primo Alonso Gallery, London
2011 The Nature of change: Hybridity and Mutation. HRL Contemporary, London (Catalogue)
2011 Equisite Corpse. Zero Ten Gallery, London
2010 The City Folding Out. Yong Kang Lu Art, Shanghai
2010 Uber Collision: Epic Fail. Idea Generation, London
2010 The Earth Draws It. Zero10 Gallery, London (Solo show)
2010 Mob Remedies. Gallery Primo Alonso, London
2010 Fakirs. Island6, Shanghai, China
2009 Tate The Biscuit. Shoreditch Town Hall, London
2009 Piers Secunda. Island 6, Shanghai, China
2009 Paperview. John Jones, London (curated by Danny Rolph)
2008 The Future Can Wait: New London School, (Catalogue) Truman Brewery, London
2008 Mashups. DACS, London
2008 Counterpoint, British Sculpture Now and Then. Robin Katz Fine Art, London. (with Anthony Caro. Eduardo Paolozzi, Conrad Shawcross, Barbara Hepworth etc.)
2008 Space Now. Space, London. (with Yinka Shonibare, Mark Wallinger, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Hew Locke etc.)
2008 Superscope. Lounge Gallery, London
2007 Piers Secunda, Paint Assemblages. Nettie Horn Gallery, London (Solo show)
2007 The Lucifer Effect. Gallery Primo Alonso, London (with Gordon Cheung, Boo Ritson, Anne Hardy etc)
2007 Noel Forster and Piers Secunda: Paintings and Constructions. The University Of The Arts (Catalogue)
2005 Secret. Royal College of Art, London
2005 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (Catalogue)
2005 Salon Show. Hollow Gallery, London.
2005 Yabadabadoo. Cell Project Space, London.
2003 Paint In 2003. Century Gallery, London. (Catalogue)
2003 10 Selected Works. Vogue House, Conde Nast, London.
2002 Kiosk. The Kiosk Project, London.
2000 Paint! Tivoli Arts Co-Op, Tivoli, New York.
1998 The Temporary Museum. (with Chris Ofili, Gavin Turk, Peter Blake, Richard Long, Bob and Roberta Smith and Cornelia
Parker, London). (Catalogue)
1996 Roll On-Roll Off. exhibition inside a Double Deck Bus, touring art
museums, London.
1995 August Exhibition. Sotheby’s, London.
1994 Nicholas Thorp Gallery, London.